Perth AustraliaIn a city more remote than any other city in the world, nourished by the fruits of the mining industry and nestled in a tiny corner of Australia, Perth is the city in which I live.

OrangesMy days as a child were spent on a citrus orchard on the banks of the Canning River. For me and my six siblings, canoes and cubbies were part of our everyday life. We lived on a perfect playground, a plush pastured property, laden with swaying river gums.

I became conditioned to the outdoors, and maintained this lifestyle into my adult life, by entering the field of surveying.

South East AsiaI worked in the mining and mapping industries of Australia, and in the oilfields of South East Asia.

After 12 years of commuting between Perth, Singapore and beyond, I resigned and turned my hand to entertaining and acting.

Today I manage a group of entertainers, coach sport, take photographs and write stories.